FCI World Dog Show 2014 – Helsinki (FI), 8-10 August

The FCI main conformation event of the year is over and will remain in everybody’s mind as the symbol of what a perfectly well-organised dog show should be.

Year 2014 was for Finland the 125th anniversary of their creation. It was a superb reason for the Finns to apply for hosting the 2014 FCI World Dog Show, 16 years after having had the pleasure to meet the dog scene on the occasion of the 1998 FCI World Dog Show, with an interesting entry of 15,300 dogs.

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Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director

FCI World Dog Show in Helsinki (FI), 8-10 August

Eukanuba World Challenge: The “Best of the Best” coming to Europe
The organisers of the Eukanuba World Challenge (EWC) have announced the decision to bring the 2014 EWC Finals to Europe. This year’s “Best of the Best” competition will be held at the ‘Amsterdam Winner Show’ (13-14 December 2014) in the Netherlands.
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Article about Youth Working Group
Youth is the future. Although it is a hackneyed statement, it is not far from the truth. In years to come, today’s youth will become the leaders of our world, leaders who will continue and improve the legacy of today’s institutions and will carry them into a new and bright future.
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Generation Z – Today’s challenge for tomorrow
The problems caused by the generation gap – labelled with phrases like “Back in the day...” and “Youngsters these days...” – have never been as meaningful as they are nowadays. Globalisation and the virtual society created an absolutely new and different generation.
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Autism (The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation)
The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF Geleidehonden) has been training guide dogs for the blind and the visually impaired since 1935. “In 2007 we began to train autism guide dogs for young children with autism,” said Ellen Greve, the Director of The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation.
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FCI launches new website

Working dog function in society
For centuries, dog has been used by human to do things he was unable to do by himself, like keeping herds or travelling long distance in particular difficult conditions in the North. Some kinds of use have become sports, like sled dogs, or many herd keeping dogs, which are now more used in leisure than in work.
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EC Coursing 27-29/6 Lavarone-malga Millegrobbe (IT)
Although it had been uncertain for a while, finally we were hosted in “La Bella Italia” for the lure-coursing championship this year. The scenery was the mountainside in the Dolomites. At 1424 meters one can find meadows which are used - in the wintertime - for cross-country skiing and - in the summertime - for Nordic walking.
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Portuguese dog breeds standards
More than a book with updated standards of the Portuguese breeds, this bilingual book, edited by the Clube Português de Canicultura, constitutes a fundamental work in the prestigious Portuguese dog breeding; it is dedicated to the dog breeders who make up its indelible history.
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The domestication and first utilizations of the dog (part 2/5)
With given differences according to the species, in the past there were trends relative to the number of centres of domestication, the tendency being alternately in favour of multicentrism (repeated domestication, in parallel or at different periods, in var- ious regions of the world) or of monocentrism (one sole domestication centre, for example Middle-Eastern regions, from which the domesticated species spread).
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